Matthew 18:10-20

The Good Shepherd's Heart
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In this passage we took note of the great value that God places on each individual soul. We see 3 times in the passage the phrase "one of these little ones". That heart is also reflected in the parable of the Shepherd who leaves the 99 to go after the one sheep that goes astray. God is not content to just let His sheep wander off without pursuing them. 

It's in this very context that Jesus gives great detail on how to handle situations where we are sinned against. We often refer to as the passage on church discipline, but see the heart through the whole process is that of restoration.  In each one of these steps we see God's heart is pursuing His wandering sheep who is sinning against others. The goal in all of it being that the offender might be "won" or "gained", and brought back into a right relationship, both with God and men.