Description of the book of John

Church history tells us that John's gospel was the last to be written. Matthew, Mark, and Luke which are referred to as the "synoptic" gospels were already in circulation, and it would seem that John wrote his gospel to fill in some blanks regarding the life and ministry of Jesus. Church history also tells us that John wrote his Gospel to specifically refute gnostic heresy promoted by a man by the name of Cerinthus. This gnostic heresy denied the deity of Jesus and made Him to be a mere man.

Mark begins his account with the promise and ministry of John the Baptist. (Mark 1:1-4), Matthew takes us all the way back to Abraham in his genealogy, showing Jesus to be the promised Messiah. Luke goes all the way back to Adam in his genealogy, showing the humanity of Jesus. John however takes us all the way back to the beginning. He shows us clearly from the very first verse the Eternal nature of Jesus. The Word was already in existence in the beginning, and He was continually with God, while at the same time, being continually God.

Passage Date Play
John 2:13-22
Jesus Cleans House
John 2:1-12
He's Saved the Best for Last
John 1:30-42
Pointing People To Jesus
John 1:19-29
Behold the Lamb of God
John 1:14-18
And The Word Became Flesh
John 1:10-13
To As Many As Received Him
John 1:3-9
The Uncreated Creator
John 1:1-2
In the Beginning Was the Word